Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Fades and Summer Beckons

What happened to a week of spring break? Time is flying. I think I often get so busy with the general busyness of life I don't slow down to enjoy it like I should. I did spend some time at the beach with my parents over Easter which was nice since we had not been together for a while. As much as I want to see them more often, the more difficult it is to be really with them. Every little thing becomes a big thing. I am impatient. They are impatient. When did things change? They are so different from the way I have always known them. They have always been active and on the go. They are in their eighties now and slowing down a lot. I think I have just finally slammed into a wall called "Age and the Passage of Time". Will I need to parent them? How? So many questions. I am so thankful though to have my brothers, husband and other family for support. I know that even when life can be trying I am blessed.

 My husband has been taking lots of nature photos lately. I think he has a real eye for photography. Spring has been beautiful, my favorite time of year. We have had some nasty weather in my part of NC. One school in our county was destroyed in a tornado. However it has been awesome to see the community come together and help out where there is a need.

I did get to spend a couple of days at Art and Soul in Hampton, Va. Two of my classes were with Susan Lenart Kazmer who is wildly creative and has enough energy to get anyone inspired. I really enjoyed working on jewelry pieces that were outside of my usual design realm. My friend, Donna, and I go every  few years or so. It's a good venue and always fun to see and be around other artful souls.

Okay Murphy, say goodnight. 

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