Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finding Grace and Joy

this has been a week of mixed blessings. my great aunt passed away at the age of 90. she lived life to the fullest and was still going strong when she celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago. she was who i want to be. a gracious, southern lady whose wish for everyone was to be kind to one another. while there is sadness among family here, i know there is such rejoicing in heaven among the family waiting there.

on the other hand my husband and i made a quick trip to the outer banks for a blessing of peace and rest before going back to teaching next week. I have many photos to share but the words i saw on the back of a truck today are what i will intend to make my mantra for years to come. a simple bumper sticker with
powerful words.

i'd also add don't postpone love, laughter, hugs, kindness or graciousness
life is too short to postpone anything.

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