Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weddings, Earrings and ArtFest

 I just finished six pairs of earrings for a wedding. They turned out very nice I think. I tend to work more with metal fabrication and these were beaded.  I didn't think I would like beading.... much too tedious, but I was pleasantly surprised. Now hopefully the bride and her bridesmaids will like them also.
If it were not for the heat we are having in the South I would wish for summer vacation all over again. That would only be because I would like to have some time to create art. I now come home bone weary and cannot think a creative thought for myself. I don't even cook for my sweet other like I used to. But I am looking forward to April because I am going to Artfest! I have wanted to go for a while and decided that this will be the year. The packets are due this week or weekend. Can't wait! I think that no matter what classes I get into I'll learn a lot and meet some wonderful artists. Anyone else going?
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