Friday, March 4, 2011

So Much Art...So Little Time

This weekend will be dedicated to creating trade items for Art Fest. It's amazing how quickly it is coming up. I hope to get several ATC's made and maybe some charms to swap while I am there. I also have been working on designing business cards. I'm thinking of either going with Vista or Moo. The option of Moo Minis is great, but Vista is more affordable. Anyone have their favorites?
I'm struggling to come up with an idea that is not trite for this month's Sketchbook Challenge, "spilling over". I'll share when I decide on a few sketches. Given the stress of work lately I am finding I more and more want to draw, paint... just make art! So much so that I am dreaming of the day I leave full time work to focus on creating.  If you haven't seen it, there is a great article in the new Somerset Studio on Kelly Rae Roberts. Happy weekend!


  1. Good luck doing all you need to do!

  2. Good Morning, I just ordered Moo cards this week. I wish I would have caught your post earlier and checked out Vista...oh well. I am so right there with you on the work front. All I do all day is think about what I want to paint/draw/make when I get home. Unfortunately I am usually too tired when I get home.

    Hope to meet you at Artfest. We are in dorm 203 rm 1.


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