Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer's End....School Begins

It's that time's back in session! It's been a great summer with Kelly Rae's class, Susan Tuttle's digital class, and having time to create art, but it's time to get back to the real world I guess. This is a busy time for me as I get my classroom together and lessons planned. I wish sometimes I could be two people (who doesn't?) so I could teach yet have time to create art.
I had to attend a workshop Tuesday that was very interesting. It was based on the book "Teaching With Love and Logic". The speaker had many suggestions that work with children that are uncooperative in the classroom. Sadly many children come to us from chaos. They are the "adult" in the family sometimes. So much in their life is out of their control that in order to establish some control they try to exert that in the classroom. There were many techniques offered that I plan to try that respect the child yet diffuse potentially volatile situations.
Unfortunately I have not had any time this week to get into my studio. I seem to be dog-tired when I get home, or there just isn't time. How do you all find time to create with all the other demands of life? I'd really be interested to know.

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