Friday, June 24, 2011

A Paper Fashionista

Ok, I know this has nothing to do with art or art making. Well I might be able to segue from the paper dress fad of the 60's( sort of artsy) to the paper dress of June 23rd. I'll bet some of you can relate.

When school is over for the summer I usually begin my vacation making the rounds of various doctor offices. It is usually easier to get appointments at times other than after three o'clock. So my exam for a physical was on the date book for yesterday.

First I felt like I was taking a standardized test when I get there. They hand me three pages of information to fill out which is exactly the same as the information they already have but this time I get to BUBBLE IN the answers. So all that training in test administration was very valuable after all.

Next I'm sent to have the weight and height check. I have been trying to lose weight so that was down, blood pressure was down too, but I have also shrunk a half inch which I was not as happy about. Maybe she measured wrong. Then the nurse hands me the CUP. Wouldn't you know though that while trying to open that little handy wipe thingy, I drop it. In the toilet. So to heck with it. I did what I had to do and moved on.

This is where I become a fashionista. There on the examining table is a lovely, white, just for me....paper top and big paper towel. I know now how the tube inside the roll of paper towels feels. After wrapping myself up in all of this paper loveliness I looked like a giant roll of Bounty. Who the heck designs these things???  Can't we at least have a snap in the front of the "blouse"? Why not put elastic along the top of the giant towel? If it were designed to be open in the back at least one could get up for another magazine without having to readjust once you're back on the table. Perhaps this is where the new health care plan should begin. One more was freezing in there so I don't think this was any luxurious double ply outfit. At least there was a good outcome...seems I'm quite healthy.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. So glad to hear that your appointment was, while not FUN, at least positive!! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the funny comment. I will tell all my long-necked friends to be on the lookout! LOL


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