Saturday, April 16, 2011

Post Artfest

Ahh...what a way to vacation. Several days to just create art, be with like minded people, and not to have any laundry or dust bunnies calling your name. I returned from artfest last week all excited to share what I did and ready to spend every spare minute painting or creating jewelry. It did not take long to be back into the ebb and flow of everyday life here. BUT, I have done some, actually more art work within the week than I usually do. All of my classes were wonderful. I thought each time I learned something I would think "just this is worth coming all the way here." Misty Mawn taught us to make some funky paintings but I think I learned mostly to loosen up and play with the lines and paint. Just to let it flow naturally.

I took a second class with Nina Bagley. What a sweet soul. It was wonderful to be in another class with her. She is so patient and willing to explain techniques over and over until you understand. The class was called the Necklace of Affirmations. How wonderful to know that when I need it I have only to read through these affirmations each day to remind myself of who I am and what I am about.

I have also admired Lynne Perella's work for a long time so I signed up for her "Foreign Intrigue" class as my third class. I have a few of the stamps she has designed and have always liked the way she uses bold colors and unique collage compositions. She is a great teacher that inspired a lot of confidence in what I am doing and affirmed that maybe continuing with my painting and mixed media art work is the way to go for me. Thanks to all of those that were there to teach and so graciously share their knowledge. I'll put up some photos of artfest soon.

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  1. oh, already seems like worlds away. do you feel like this too? misty mawn was my very first choice, but by the time i decided to go, her classes were full. hopefully, next time!!! and next time, i'll get to 'meet' you too! ;) jan


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