Thursday, October 6, 2011

Photography Learning Curve

At the end of the summer I bought a Canon Rebel T3. Love it. But other than auto I didn't know how to do much else with it. I have shot film with my old reliable Pentax K1000 but that is a different animal. So I got myself over to the local community college and have learned so much about this camera.

Macro mode. 
I thought Georgia O'Keefe would like this.

In this photo we learned how to use a faster shutter speed to create a silhouette. I know, it's not all that stupendous when you are a real photographer but I was quite pleased with myself.

And then I learned how to slow down that was to use a longer shutter speed. Anyway I thought this was way cool. Can't wait to find a waterfall somewhere and try it again.

Hopefully I'll be able to photograph some artwork and show you before long. I've been taking Katie Kendrick's class "Layered Impressions". It has been such a wonderful class even though I am WAY behind. A lot of wonderful information and she is such a generous teacher.

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  1. I still love experimenting and trying out new things with my camera.... I mean, what's the worst that can happen? You may have to use the "delete" button - not a problem! I find that if I don't spend some time practicing each thing, though, I have a tendency to forget. As with a lot of things, I'm afraid! Nice job with your images!


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